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What is flat fee real estate agent and why should you choose one?

When you want to sell or buy a property, it’s very important to find a professional real estate agent that can assist with the entire process. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge you will be able to sell/buy your home quicker and with great results. However, one of the issues a lot of people have is that they need to pay a percentage of the property value to the real estate agent, and that’s not always the best option. Which is why hiring a flat fee real estate agent sounds like a much better idea.

What is a flat fee real estate agent?

The flat fee real estate agent is a real estate agent that will offer their services for a flat fee instead of a percentage fee. What you will like here is that you know exactly how much the agent charges for their fees, and you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money in case the property you buy is more expensive. Instead, you have transparency and you know the exact sum that you will pay for their services.

Why should you hire a flat fee real estate agent?

• One of the main advantages of a flat fee real estate agent is that you can budget for their fee. That’s great because you know what expenses the home purchase will entail, without having to worry about how much you will have to pay the agent.

• Another advantage is that the market sets the price for your house, so you don’t need to worry about agents that underprice/overprice the home for a quick sale. Instead, you offer the agent a flat fee, and they will pursue your best interests.

• As the buyer you have a lot more control, which means you can choose the price, how to market the home, and all of these things can prove to be extremely helpful and valuable in a situation like this.

• The flat fee real estate agent is focused on your satisfaction and not a commission. They already know how much they get paid for their work, and they will pursue your best interests to ensure that you are fully satisfied in the end.

• A flat fee real estate agent still has access to the flat fee MLS Virginia Beach, which is great because you can find a property much easier. And at the same time, the agent gets paid a flat fee, you’re not dealing with overpriced services.


It’s a very good idea to work with a professional, flat fee real estate agent since this can help you save both time and money. You also remove the uncertainty when it comes to how much you end up paying the real estate agent. All these things matter and they will make a huge difference in the world of flat fee real estate Virginia Beach. That’s why we highly recommend taking them into account as you try to find a good real estate agent. Choosing a flat fee real estate agent is always the better option if you want to avoid commission-based agents which might ask substantially more for their services due to their percentage system.

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