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The BEST Flat Fee MLS in Virginia Beach

With almost 20 years in the real estate business locally, Hampton Roads Realty Pros has saved customers and clients thousands of dollars. Although the market is cooling down in Hampton Roads, home prices continue to appreciate almost 12% over the past year. The typical Realtor charges up to 6% to list and sell your home, which for the average home price of $356,000 in Virginia Beach, you could pay up to $21,360.00 in agent commissions. That's a lot of money, especially in today's financial environment.

Hampton Roads Realty Pros can level the playing field for home sellers! We do more than the average Flat Fee MLS by empowering Sellers with the tools they need to sell their home on their own with OR without the MLS. We provide 4 distinct flat fee real estate packages to choose from that can help you sell your home either "For Sale By Owner" or through the local MLS.

Each of Our Flat Fee Real Estate Packages Include:

Professional Photography - Our photographers are Zillow certified and know how to compose the best features of your home that speak directly to home buyers.

Branded & Unbranded Virtual Tours - Our virtual tours help our clients to highlight the features of a home, property or business venue that really speak to all audiences and offer the most extensive host of residential & commercial cutting-edge high definition professional real estate photography and media in the U.S. Our tours are mobile friendly so can be viewed on most all cellphones. The BEST part? We've added social media links into your virtual tour so it can be shared with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Check out a sample tour below:

Lead Capture System - Never miss another lead with our exclusive lead capture tools and weekly traffic reports! Our state-of-the-art gyro enabled HTML5 Mobile technology will get your listings, businesses, and venues maximum attention. All Buyers leads go directly to you via the lead capture system.

Private Seller Dashboard - The private seller dashboard allows you to control all aspects of your virtual tour and allows you to generate marketing links and set up your own traffic reports.

User Control Panel - Our flat fee user control panel incorporates a wide variety of tools that put you in control of everything.

You get ALL the Buyer Leads - all buyer leads come directly to you through our automated lead capture system.

No Hidden Fees - Unlike our competitors, (you should thoroughly review their fine print for extra services). we charge a single flat fee.

We invite you by to to compare our services with ANY real estate flat fee broker in Hampton Roads Virginia or give us a call at 757-328-0174 to help determine how much money we can save you!

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