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Revolutionize Your Home Selling Experience with Save Thousands While Getting Premium Service

Virginia Beach Home Sellers Flat Fee Broker

In the world of real estate in Hampton Roads, the traditional model of high commission fees is being challenged. emerges as a game-changer in this landscape, offering a unique and cost-effective approach to selling your home in Hampton Roads.

Why High Commissions Are Outdated:

Traditionally, real estate agents charge a 6% commission on the sale price of your home. This can significantly reduce the amount of money you take away from your sale. However, disrupts this norm by offering services at a fraction of the cost.

The 1% Solution:

At, we believe in your right to retain more equity from your home sale. That's why we've introduced the 1% Solution. This innovative approach ensures that you pay significantly less in fees, translating into thousands of dollars in savings.

Experienced and Efficient Service:

With over 20 years of award-winning experience in the real estate industry, our team at Hampton Roads Realty Pros delivers top-notch service. We do everything traditional agents do – and more – but better and at a lower cost. Our expertise ensures that your selling process is smooth, efficient, and profitable.

Comprehensive Package Offers:

Our range of packages, from Bronze FSBO to Platinum MLS, are designed to meet diverse needs and budgets. Each package includes professional photography, virtual tours, a mobile-friendly website, and much more. We also ensure there are no hidden fees, making your experience transparent and trustworthy.

Technology-Driven Approach:

We leverage the latest technology to enhance your home selling experience. Our offerings include advanced analytic tracking, virtual tours, and a user-friendly dashboard. This tech-savvy approach not only makes your listing more attractive but also broadens its reach to potential buyers.

Personalized Support:

Despite our competitive pricing, we do not compromise on personalized support. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step, offering professional advice and support tailored to your unique situation.


Hampton Roads Realty Pros and stands as a testament to how modern solutions can transform the real estate industry. By choosing us, you're not only saving thousands of dollars but also enjoying a premium, hassle-free home selling experience. It's time to move forward with a service that values your equity and your peace of mind. Give us a call at 757-328-0174 for a private consultation when you're ready to sell!

No strings attached and no pressure.

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