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Open Houses... Should I host an open house?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Open houses in today's environment are not as important as they were several years ago before technology advanced. Most potential buyers will see your house using a virtual tour or other online media. This makes decluttering and investing in professional photography even more important. These buyers will then reach out to you directly or to their agents to schedule a viewing. If you have the time, definitely host an open house, but know that cold leads walking in through your door at an open house isn't as common nowadays and normally it's a "nosy" neighbor. Hampton Roads Flat Fee Real Estate INCLUDES professional photography and a state-of-the-art virtual tour (with lead capture) built in to every tour, this way if a potential buyer has a question or wants to schedule a viewing it's right at their fingertips. Check out some of our flat fee packages we offer.

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