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Flat Fee Real Estate Services Virginia Beach

Do you want to know about Flat Fee Real Estate Services Virginia Beach? Do not worry, we have got you covered!

Suppose you are selling your Virginia Beach house on your own. In that case, a flat-fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) service will assist you in increasing the visibility of your listing to potential purchasers. Full-time listing agents in Virginia Beach typically charge a commission of around 3%.

Depending on the average sale price for homes in Virginia Beach, which as of August 31, 2022, was $311,833, that equates to around $9,355.

In contrast, Virginia Beach flat-fee MLS companies would charge you between $99 – $2,995 to promote your home. Simple flat fee real estate services include a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing. In contrast, more comprehensive packages could consist of supplementary services like help with paperwork and negotiations.

How do Flat Fee Real Estate Services work?

Homeowners can list their houses on the MLS for a predetermined price paid to realtors and brokerages. Additionally, syndicating to other well-known Realtor websites may be part of this.

You can do this by listing your home on the MLS. Many Flat Fee Real Estate Services in Virginia Beach will not help you sell your house, though. You must provide the buyer's agents with a competitive commission if you want to generate any interest in your home. Expect to pay more than 3% if you determine that you need any further assistance.

If you are familiar with all the nuances of marketing in a dynamic market, hiring Flat Fee Real Estate Services Virginia Beach will be the best option.

How does Flat Fee MLS Hampton Roads Work?

Flat Fee MLS Hampton Roads works so professionally that home sellers may compete on an even playing field!

By giving sellers the resources, they need to sell their house independently, with OR without the MLS, we go beyond what is often offered by flat fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service). You can choose one of our four flat fee real estate packages to sell your house "For Sale by Owner" or through the neighborhood MLS.

What Is Included In Packages?

The package of Flat Fee MLS Hampton Roads includes:

Professional photography:

Our photographers are accredited by Zillow and know how to highlight your home's best qualities in a way that appeals to prospective buyers.

Branded and Unbranded Virtual Tours:

We offer the largest selection of residential and commercial HD professional real estate photography in the United States with our virtual tours, which assist our clients in highlighting the features of a home, property, or company venue which communicate to all potential clients.

Lead Capture System:

With our unique lead capture tools and weekly traffic reports, you will never miss another lead again! Your listings, businesses, and locations will receive the most attention possible thanks to our innovative gyro-enabled HTML5 Mobile technology.

Private Seller Dashboard:

The private seller dashboard gives you complete control over your virtual tour and the ability to create marketing links and customize traffic reports.

User Control Panel:

With our flat-rate user control panel, you have complete control over every aspect thanks to a wide range of tools.

Buyer Leads:

All buyer leads are brought to you immediately through our automated lead-gathering system.

No Hidden Fees:

In contrast to our rivals, we only impose a single flat rate.

To see how much money we can save you in Flat Fee Real Estate Services Virginia Beach, visit HR Flat Fee to compare our services to ANY real estate flat fee broker in Hampton Roads, Virginia, or call us at 757-328-0174.

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