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7 Tips to Sell Your Hampton Roads Home in Any Market

If you're searching for the best way to market and sell your Virginia Beach home for TOP dollar without spending a fortune, these tips will help guide you to the perfect sale…

Complete a Full Market Analysis of Your Property

An updated full market analysis or CMA (Current market analysis) is the best way to determine fair market value of your home or property. The current market ultimately determines how to price your home. Overpricing your home in a Buyer’s market will more than likely kill your opportunity for a quick sale and underpricing it in a Seller’s market will leave too much equity on the table. There is a fine balance between each. The good news is that when using a Flat fee MLS in Virginia Beach or flat fee real estate service in Hampton Roads, you’ll save thousands of dollars by eliminating the listing agent commissions entirely. This will give you added leverage over your competition and allow you to price your home with an aggressive edge. When listing your home with we include a free CMA or current market analysis with every MLS Flat Fee Package.

Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

What is “Curb Appeal”? Curb appeal means that when a potential buyer drives up to your home, they see things that indicate your property has been properly maintained over the years. Buyers need to see that you have continuously updated the home. Curb appeal could include:

  • Is the mulch around the flower gardens?

  • Have you planted new colorful plants?

  • Are weeds growing through the cracks on the sidewalks?

  • Is the landscaping and bushes properly trimmed?

  • Are the gutters and siding in good condition?

  • Is your roof in good shape?

Take the time before you list your home to do a visual walk around your home’s exterior to observe any items or issues that may dissuade a potential buyer. We can help identify these potential issues during our initial appointment.

List all Improvements or Upgrades

You will want to list all upgrades and improvements that you have done to your home since moving in. Not only will this help buyers determine if your list price is fair but it also gives potential buyers the “warm & fuzzy” that they are getting a “good” deal.

Remember, a “good” deal is simply a state-of-mind and that there is a good possibility that the Buyer will want to perform a home inspection as a contingency on the potential purchase. Home inspectors LOVE to find things wrong with your home (that’s their job), even if it’s the smallest detail. In fact, conducting a “pre” home sale inspection may help you identify items that you can easily correct prior to listing your home. Some Hampton Roads sellers share the results of the home inspection with potential buyers or buyer’s agents to document that those items have been corrected.

Finally, put together a spreadsheet and/or copies of any upgrades or improvements that you have done for the appraiser. This will help the appraiser to substantiate value and potentially bring more value to your final appraisal.


When buyers preview or tour your home they need to feel as if there is PLENTY of room in your home. They like to visualize their own furniture and belongings while walking through your home. If you home is cluttered with personal belongings, start packing it up in boxes. Depersonalize your home by removing personal family photos and pictures hanging on the walls. The buyers need to feel like they “fit” in. This is hard to do when Aunt Bertha, your family pet or wedding pictures are prominently displayed throughout the house.

Make Necessary Repairs

To ensure you get the best offer on your Virginia Beach home, making the necessary repairs will help. Most buyers don't want to have to do these improvements when moving into a new home. Would you? Simple and easy repairs, like touch-up paint, carpet cleaning and overall cleanliness will definitely help sell your home.

Professional Photos

Only the best real estate photographers in Hampton Roads understand; correct lighting, composition and blending techniques. They are artists rather than a "point & shoot" newbies. There is a distinct difference that will make or break your home sale. Our Virginia Beach flat fee MLS or Hampton Roads “For sale by owner” (FSBO) listing packages will provide you with professional photos of your entire home. We have over 40 years of real estate, photography and marketing experience. Some of our esteemed clients include: Hilton, Marriott, Beth Sholom, 1st Colonial Retirement Center and many more! Our real estate photography in Hampton Roads is the absolute best in the business! Take a look at our recent photo gallery.

Virtual Home Staging

In today's tech world staging your home is relatively easy and cost effective. Whether you decide to hire a professional stager or opt for virtual staging, your money will be spent wisely.

The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" will always stand true.

Buyers can easily preview hundreds of homes within a few hours online from the comfort of their couches. During online previews or showings buyers want to envision themselves in your home and proper staging will highlight the best angles and features of your Hampton Roads home or property.

If you’re interested in learning if you’re a good fit for our Flat Fee Real Estate Listings in Virginia Beach, we’re happy to help! Give us a call at 757-328-0174

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